What is a smart home? - 1888 Electrical Services

24-01-2021, 11:32
What is a smart home? - 1888 Electrical Services

A smart home is a system that combines electrical appliances, household appliances, and engineering systems into a single complex in order to manage them in the most convenient way possible. smart home installation essentially simplifies a life, saves time, and allows a more rational use of means. The Smart Home system is designed, first of all, to make your everyday life even more comfortable. It is simple, easy, and convenient!  1888 Electrical Services offers Smart House services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

How much does it cost to install a smart home system?

The list of smart house services and costs we stipulate in detail during the consultations and the final estimate is confirmed before the beginning of any electrical services. You will always know and see where your money has been spent, and most important - you will get pleasure from the result of the 1888 electrical services company.

Smart house controls:

  • Lighting (Blinds, Curtains, Outlets, Lights, Roller Blinds)
  • Climate (Boiler Room, Extractor, Air Conditioning, ceiling fan installation, Ventilation, Heating, Floor Heating)
  • Multimedia (Home Theater, Projectors, TV, Screen)
  • Security (Intercom, gates, security alarm, fire alarm, video cameras)

We'll install a smart home system in your house or office

Cozy, comfortable, and safe - a home where you can be yourself. And it doesn't matter if it's a luxury mansion or a cozy apartment. By your arrival, it will put a comfortable temperature, turn on your favorite music, and create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. All this will provide the system Smart House and our company is ready to undertake the responsibility to carry out all design and commissioning works. It is already a necessity for practically any modern dwelling, which is no longer just a combination of beautiful interior and pieces of furniture. It is a place where all engineering and communication systems can interact.

Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting is a system that controls lighting fixtures in residential, work, commercial, and office spaces. Competent adjustment allows organizing the work of devices depending on human actions. The system of remote control of lighting allows you to reduce energy costs by up to 60%. Thanks to this you can not only extend the life of electrical appliances but also save money on electricity bills.

Smart house system advantages:

  1. reduction of expenses on the electricity bills.
  2. Outdoor and indoor lighting control.
  3. Wide choice of modes.
  4. Possibility to connect the security function.

"1888 Electrical Services" will install a "smart lighting" system for your home, selecting the optimal configuration, according to the wishes of the customer and the budget.